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About Us

daddymommaray.jpgIn 1944, after returning home from World War II, Weezie Elledge made her husband a gingerbread cake from a recipe she got from her sister. Upon tasting it, Ray, her husband, stated “This is what I’ve been looking for all my life.” And from that day he became instantly addicted to the spicy gingerbread Weezie had made for him. Ray asked for the cake so often, Weezie decided to show him how to make it himself. And this is where Daddy Ray’s Famous Gingerbread was born.

Ray played with the recipe and modified the amount and ratio of spices until he came up with what he thought was the perfect gingerbread cake recipe. They began giving the flavorful cakes to friends as holiday gifts. Weezie and Ray noticed that every holiday season more and more people were requesting to be on their holiday gift list. They soon realized there was a demand for their product and opened up a commercial gingerbread kitchen in 1983. At that time they began selling their product to individuals, grocery stores, and specialty gift shops.

Why the name you may ask?

Daddy Ray is the name Ray and Weezie’s nine grandchildren lovingly gave their grandfather. In the family’s eyes there was no other choice for the product’s name. Daddy Ray’s Famous Gingerbread is a family owned and operated business. On any given day in December you will find a number of family members working together to get the cakes baked and decorated for our customers. Over the years there have been several changes in the Elledge family. Daddy Ray and Weezie are no longer with us in body, but have a constant spiritual hand in every business decision that is made. Upon their passing, their son (and our father) Dick Elledge took the lead to keep Daddy Ray’s Famous Gingerbread up and running.

From 1996 to the end of 2007 Dick did an excellent job filling the roll as head honcho by expanding the client base and pursuing additional wholesale opportunities. As life takes its unexpected and unfair turns, Dick lost his courageous battle with leukemia in January of 2008. He was managing the ins and outs of the business until his last day. And…this is where Buddy and I come in. Being Dick’s children we felt passionate about carrying on the Elledge family tradition. We can’t think of a better way to honor our loving and spirited grandparents and always doting father. We are honored to have this opportunity and intend to represent our family well in serving you. From our family to yours, we wish you happy eating and fellowship with your friends and loved ones.

~Ashley & Buddy